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Make Your Office Surroundings Clean, Healthy & Rodent-Free.

Give it the best rodent protection

Advantages of Ratosonic

Ratosonic in your Workplace:

2yr Replacement Guarantee

To provide your employees a safe, secure and clean surrounding

To ensure a healthy and disease free workplace

To avoid any kind of mess in the form of droppings

No need for traps or decomposition of rats

To maintain the company’s brand name

Much less costs as compared to the destruction caused by these pests

Repels Rodents - Ultimate Coverage

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Presence of rodents inside a business establishment can be a totally unwelcome sight. It spoils the beauty of the whole place. Not to mention the damage it is capable of doing. Areas like godowns and storehouses are found to be more prone to rats and mice.

Do away with broken wires, damaged documents, messy interiors etc. with the help of ultrasonic rat repeller machine, Ratosonic Ultrasonic device for Industries & Corporates. The Ratosonic Industries model is designed to offer protection from rodents and all kinds of rats for area coverage of 500 to 750sq.ft. It is easy to install and offers protection from all kinds of rats with minimum usage of power.

Ratosonic high power is useful for factories, shops and industries like retail, health care, food service & manufacturing, hospitality, property management, government establishments, schools etc. It is perfect for any workplace atmosphere as the device is inaudible to people, is chemical free and also easy to install.

Get Rid of the Pesky Rodents. Save Your Documents, Files & Machinery! Ratasonic Ultrasonic Rat Repeller.

Our Major Customers

Ratosonic Rat Repeller Device

Ratosonic offers the best solution for removal of rats and mice from your surroundings


Ratosonic makes your
home, completely
rodent free!

Give your home

the best rodent protection
rodent free!



Rats residing in the garage
can be a big concern for car owners !

Keep your Car

Interiors Safe & Sound!


Shops & Industries

Presence of rodents inside shops & other business establishment is totally unwelcome !

Get rid of pesky rodents

inside your shops & offices with Ratosonic - Industry Model.


Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty Protection for Larger Spaces

Get complete protection

for larger spaces with Ratosonic Heavy Duty.


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