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Heavy Duty Protection for Larger Spaces.

Meets the large scale demands of big areas

Advantages of Ratosonic

Ratosonic for Larger Spaces:

2yr Replacement Guarantee

Pollution Free

Non-Toxic, Environment Friendly

Does not call for killing & decomposing the rat

To maintain the company’s brand name

To maintain the company’s brand name

Protects you from the disease causing parasites that pose a health risk to pets & people at home

Repels Rodents - Ultimate Coverage

Qty Rs 35,000 +

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Large areas like stadium and airport often require a good pest management programme. Existence of a pest control unit in these areas is an advantage to the people using the infrastructure. Ratosonic Ultrasonic Heavy Duty model is designed just for that. The heavy duty ultrasonic rat repeller gives coverage of 5000 square feet and above, at a price of Rs.35000/-.

How to Install

Installing the device would require close inspection of the site. The whole apparatus comprises of a centralized unit connected to different areas using transducers. For larger areas, the number of transducers will be more. Installation charges will vary as per the area covered.

Where can it be installed?



Cinema Halls

Shopping Malls

Large Factories

Large Godowns

Store Rooms

Our Major Customers

Ratosonic Rat Repeller Device

Ratosonic offers the best solution for removal of rats and mice from your surroundings


Ratosonic makes your
home, completely
rodent free!

Give your home

the best rodent protection
rodent free!



Rats residing in the garage
can be a big concern for car owners !

Keep your Car

Interiors Safe & Sound!


Shops & Industries

Presence of rodents inside shops & other business establishment is totally unwelcome !

Get rid of pesky rodents

inside your shops & offices with Ratosonic - Industry Model.


Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty Protection for Larger Spaces

Get complete protection

for larger spaces with Ratosonic Heavy Duty.


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